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Hello Kiddo is the first and the newest English learning website in Hong Kong, it is designed for children of age 5-12 to learning English oral skills through communicating with our native English tutors. The website provide a flexible course timetable, parent can reserve the best suitable time slot for the course based on their daily schedule. Using video call for the course can greatly increase the learning interest of children. The 1-to-1, face-to-face learning model can help tutor better understand the learning progress of children and design the tailor-made content for the course, further ensure the course quality.


Global professional tutors
All of our tutors are carefully selected from the global with professional teaching experience and native accent
Anytime, anywhere learning
Flexible course timetable allow you to reserve the course based on your own schedule, no more fixed learning timetable
Real-time interaction
Learning English oral skills through face-to-face video call with our tutors
Video review
The course will be recorded for parent to review the performance and the learning outcomes of children
One-to-one learning model
Tailor-made the course content based on your children’s need

Let your children and foreign teacher create storybook together

In the first part of the lesson, our tutor will show a set of toy and start the role play, the tutor will tell a story about the toy, and ask some open-ended question based on the story, encourage kids to express themselves in english and answer the question in a complete sentence.
In the second part of the course, our tutor will invite kids to introduce their own toy, create their own story with a short role play, encouraging them to express themselves in English and also build up confidence to speak up in front of the native speaker.


Learning English Anytime, Anywhere, Knowledge always in your hand.

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User Review

My son has already used Hello Kiddo for three months, his English oral skills has greatly improved, even the teacher at school praise he is ahead of his classmate!
User A
Since my child is going to have a primary school interview, my friend introduce Hello Kiddo to me to train my son’s English oral skills, and the outcome is very impressive, his performance is very good in the interview!
User B
We have hired a tutor to teach my daughter English, however, her performance has not improve. After we switch to Hello Kiddo, her English oral skills has improved for a lot, she even learn some American accent from her tutor, becoming more fluent when we communicate in English!
User C
My children has practiced English speaking for a long time but she is still very shy to speak in English. Since we tried Hello Kiddo, she got a lot more chance to communicate with foreigner, she improved a lot on her English oral skills and also become more confident in speaking English. Last time, there is a foreigner asking for the direction, and my daughter help the man in fluent English!
User D


Can i cancel my reservation?
Yes, Only if you request the cancellation 24 hours before the start of the course, and you can cancel the reservation and get your refund. If you request the cancellation less than 24 hours before the course start, you can cancel the course but you will not able to get any refund.
When will the review video be uploaded?
The review video will be uploaded after the course is finished, but if the course is completed less than 15 mins, no video will be recorded for review.
When can i evaluate my tutor?
Once the course finished, we will invite you the evaluate your tutor and leave your comment, you can also skip it at the moment and complete the evaluation later. If the course is completed less than 15 mins, you will not allowed to evaluate your tutor.